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Tech Support for Student Organizations

Recognized student organizations can receive assistance with technology-related issues from Student Affairs Technical Services.  Student Affairs Technical Services can be contacted by email at, by phone at 315-443-1436, or on the web at

Please review the Q&A below for more detail on the scope and level of assistance provided.

What Does The Student Affairs Technical Services Group Do?

Syracuse University’s Division of Student Affairs Technical Services Group is primarily responsible for the technical support and direction of the 23 departments within the Division of Student Affairs. As an auxiliary to these services, the group provides a level of consulting and technical support services for student organizations.

Which Student Organizations Does Student Affairs Technical Services Support?

Technical Services provides basic technical assistance to student organizations recognized by the Office of Student Activities and sports clubs recognized by the Department of Recreation Services.

What Kinds Of Assistance Can Student Affairs Technical Services Provide To A Student Organization?

  • Web Support/Maintenance –  For organizations not using OrgSync to host their website, Technical Services provides hosting services that include Wordpress or traditionally hosted web space (for more information, see
  • Purchasing – Assist in making technology-related purchasing decisions (e.g. computers, software, peripherals).
  • Setup and Configuration – Install and configure computer hardware and University-recommended software applications (e.g. antivirus software).
  • Troubleshooting – Diagnose computer and software problems.

Does Student Affairs Technical Services Charge A Fee For Its Services?

For basic support in the categories listed above, the answer is no. A fee will be charged, however, for repairs of out-of-warranty equipment, software development, web site design, training or other time-intensive projects. For these services, a representative from the student organization should meet with an associate in Technical Services to discuss the project in detail. An estimate will be provided to the organization’s representative and the respective Student Activities Program consultant.