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Resources and Forms


Advisor Packet - Information here is for full time faculty or staff members interested in becoming an advisor to a recognized student organization. Included is the application that must be submitted as well.

Email template to agents - This is a template students can use when contacting agents to confirm price, availability and booking information for proof of cost.

How to add yourself to your organizations orgsync profile - Can't see your organizations information on orgsync? This resource shows you how to add yourself to your group..

Proof of Cost Sample Packet - Student Association and the Co-Curricular grant require proof of cost sheets to back-up why you are requesting a specific dollar amount for a certain item. This packet will show you what are acceptable proofs of cost for typical budget items.

Publications Guide - This gives guidance on how to work with the publications office to produce your campus publication, should you receive funding.

RSO handbook - The full version of the rights and responsiblities of student organizations recognized through the Office of Student Activities.

Sample Day of Show Schedule - this is a sample and editable version of the timeline your organization can and should follow to plan ahead and know who is handling what aspect of the show.

Student Travel Itinerary - This form is for off-campus travel on behalf of an organization.  It is to be filled out by contact person for trip.

Student Travel Waiver - This is to be filled out by each and every member of the traveling group.

Technology Support for Student Organizations - This offers some information on how to get technology support specifically for student orgs.