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April: Transition Month

Transition Workshop Dates, Times, and Locations:

  • Friday, April 7 from 3-4PM in HL 102
  • Saturday, April 15 from 11-12PM in HL 107
  • Monday, April 24 from 4-5PM in HL500

The purpose of these workshops is to assist RSOs with leadership transition. These workshops serve as the first requirement for 2017-2018 Re-Registration. The Re-Registration requirements and timeline will be discussed at these workshops so that both outgoing and incoming presidents are prepared for the process. At these workshops,

The outgoing president and incoming president are required to each attend one of these workshop dates/times. The two presidents are encouraged to attend the same workshop, but as long as each attends a workshop the requirement will be met.

The only exceptions to this are:

  1. IF the incoming president is abroad, the outgoing president and an incoming E-Board member must attend.
  2. IF the organization holds elections in the fall semester and the current Spring 2017 president will remain president for the Fall 2017, the current president and another current E-Board member must attend.
  3. IF elections haven’t occurred before the workshop dates, the outgoing president and any potential incoming president(s) must attend.

Contracts will be signed by the outgoing president and the incoming president to hold both accountable for the transition from one E-Board to another and the completion of the Re-Registration steps.

August/September: Re-Registration

Requirements for Re-Registration, as discussed at the Transition Workshops, are:

  1. Update & Renew OrgSync portal
    1. The membership list must be updated. This includes adding any new members, deleting or moving any non-members to a different group (i.e. ‘Alumni’), and updating current officer titles. Organizations are required to take a screenshot before and after updating their member list. The screenshots are to be submitted to Mary Holland via e-mail (
    2. The Advisor Contract must be completed. This contract is automatically sent via email from OrgSync to your advisor’s email. It may go into a spam/junk folder, or the advisor may not know what it is. Be sure to let your advisor know to expect this email from OrgSync. Your portal/profile cannot be approved without a completed advisor contract.
    3. Please note: If the organization updates/renews the portal over the summer, it will not count towards Re-Registration. However, it will make it easier for the organization to then submit a renewal request in the fall.
    4. The president of the organization must complete the four online Officer Training modules through HotSpot.
      1. These modules can be found at
      2. There are four quizzes – one associated with each module.
      3. The president of the organization must earn a 100 on the quizzes for them to count.
      4. Each module has a link that will direct you to a quiz on either Google Forms or Qualtrics.
      5. Leadership Workshops
        1. The president and one E-Board member must each attend a leadership workshop. Members are encouraged to attend separate workshops rather than attending the same one. Members are welcome to attend more than one.
        2. The Fall Kick Off on Saturday, September 2 counts for 2 workshop credits. This means that if the president OR an e-board member attends, the Re-Registration workshop requirement is met.

Friday, September 15 at 5PM is the deadline for ALL Re-Registration requirements to be met. Any organizations that fail to complete Re-Registration before September 15 at 5PM will forfeit RSO status and will not be able to function as an RSO. Those organizations would then have the opportunity to apply as a New RSO in the Fall 2018 semester.