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Orgsync FAQ

What is Orgsync?

Orgsync is an online community that facilitates connection between students and student organizations.  You will find clubs and organizations you can join, information on who they are and when they meet and events for you to browse.  For student organizations, Orgsync centralizes administrative processes like applying for budgets and provides a place for leaders to manage their organization and members. Create your profile and get started here

How do I log-in to Orgsync?

  1. Visit
    1. Note: OrgSync is a third party system and is not the same as
  2. Click 'SignIn/Sign Up' on the top right and then 'Choose Your Community' and select Syracuse
  3. Enter your NetID (without the and your netID password
  4. Complete your Profile and select finish
  5. You will then be able to search all the functions of Org Sync and join or create organizations

Set up your personal profile in Orgsync

Once you've loged in to the system and registered, complete the profile fields necessary to complete the process.  This will help us send you personalized information regarding your groups and preferences.

I'm not getting notifications from Orgsync, how can I get notified of important information?

Unless you're logging into orgsync daily, you likely are missing communication from the Office of Student Activities and Student Association.  To ensure you're being sent important information regarding student organizations, deadlines and processes, please do the following:

1.  Log into Orgsync

2. Click on your name in the top right corner and a drop down should appear

3. Click on the "settings" tab with the wrench

4. Here you will see the "Take Control of Notifications" where you will be able to toggle to automatically send messages sent through orgsync directly to your specified email so you don't miss anything.  We recommend doing this as we try not to overload your mailboxes with junk emails.  You will likely receive between 1-3 messages per week from Student Activities regarding important information for your organization(s).

How do I become an administrator in Orgsync?

To see if you are an administrator, click “Organizations” on the top orange toolbar.  Click on your org.  If you see the section “Settings” on right side or the white toolbar, you can proceed.  If you do not see “Settings” you do not have administrative privileges. Please contact another admin of your group for them to add you (specific directions in the question below).

How do I make other people an administrator in Orgsync?

For a current administrator to people, please complete the following:

-Log into orgsync

-Click on "Organizations" and select the org you are both a part of

-Once in the organization portal, click "people" (if you do not see the person's name you want to add, they have not joined the org.  Please have them log in and join the org.)

-Select their name

-Underneath "basic detail" there is a 'people' icon and the word 'manage' in blue.  Click on "Manage"

-A menu will pop up that indicates which groups you can add them to.  Select "administrators"

-The selection automatically saves, no need to click anything else unless you have more people to add.

How do I update my org profile in Orgsync?

1.  Log into Orgsync

2. Click on "Organizations" in the white toolbar and select the organization you wish to update

3. Select the "profile" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page

4. Click on the button that says "Manage Profile"

5. Proceed through the areas of the profile you wish to update and click the green button that says "Update and Renew Profile" when done.

How do I add an event to the calendar?

  1. Log in to OrgSync
  2. Click on your organization from the orange banner across the top of the page
  3. Locate the ‘Events’ tab along your organization’s top toolbar
  4. Click on  ‘Events’
  5. Then click the "Create an Event" button  in the upper right hand corner of the page
  6. Under the ‘Details’ section fill out the Event Name, Category, Type, Time , Location, & a Description about the event. If your organization has a Twitter or Facebook page please include that so students can follow there as well. To do that highlight the wording you would like to embed with a hyperlink then select
  7. Under ‘Participants’ select your RSVP preferences so you can limit the amount of student that can RSVP or not
  8. Under ‘Who Can See This’ select ‘Syracuse’ to make your event visible to the entire Syracuse community or "Public + Web" to make this a public field visible to anyone, including people not at Syracuse
  9. Check the box  under 'Calendar Sharing' so that your event is added to the Student Activities Calendar
  10. Review your information then click  to submit your event

How do I create a new budget?

For a detailed instruction sheet on this, click here