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When plans are finalized for Fall 2020 events, whether virtual or in-person (crosses fingers that it will be safe enough for in-person!), they will be shared on this site. We look forward to sharing our schedule with you soon. Stay safe and healthy!

View Our Recorded Cooking Demo with Influencer Alexandra Catalano!

Alex Catalano nutritionist and lifestyle expert

If you missed this show it we recorded it for you to watch now! Alex has tons of great info on food and nutrition and made some really tasty looking dishes (listed below) so when you have some free time, check it out!

Click this link for the video of the OAD Cooking Demo!


TOAST 3 Ways 
-Avocado Toast 
-Nut Butter and Banana Toast 
-Toast with yogurt and fruit 

Sweet Potato Fries 
Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes, Olive Oil, Salt 

Healthy Pancakes 
Ingredients: Banana, Eggs, Baking Powder 

Ingredients: Milk, (nut milk, dairy or water), Fat (avocado, nut butter or coconut oil), Greens (anything you got), Fruit (anything you got)

Check out Alex on Instagram @eatcute