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Program Overview

Syracuse University’s BOLD program is a voluntary program that empowers student organizations to take charge in their leadership growth and their organization’s success.

The program’s curriculum is based on participation in skill-based workshops meant to engage student organization officers in active discussion and reflection of four leadership themes:

  • The leader in you: explore your strengths & discover your leadership style

  • Your influence on others: learn foundational leadership theories & the basic about leadership

  • You and your organization: develop skills and techniques needed to promote your organization’s interactions & initiatives

  • Leading in your world: discover how to make a difference on your campus and in your community

Through completing goals within the curriculum, students will develop the skills needed to successfully run their organization and make positive changes on campus and in the community. Students will also be eligible earn certificates that will boost their resume and earn rewards that will contribute to their organization’s events, activities, and interactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the BOLD Learning outcomes?

  • Analyze their leadership strengths and areas of improvement

  • Examine the values that shape their leadership of their organization

  • Increase their contributions to their organizations’ programs and activities

  • Apply new strategies to increase communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution within their student organization

  • Critique their organization’s mission and goals

  • Create an environment that supports the diverse thoughts, opinions, and experiences of their members

  • Integrate SU policies, procedures, and resources into their organization’s activities

  • Evaluate how they can lead their organization to create positive change within the community

Who can participate & earn credits?

While any interested student organization members can participate, the number in attendance will not change the amount of credits earned. Additionally, in order to receive credit, at least one student organization officer must be present and is responsible for completing the post-event reflection.

How do I earn credits?

Officers can earn their organization credits by completing an evaluation sheet handed out at the end of each BOLD workshop and submitting a post-event reflection through OrgSync. You will receive the post-event reflection to your email through OrgSync. You must fill out the post-event reflection within one week of receiving the form. These reflections offer student officers an opportunity to reflect on what they learned, their leadership, and their leadership goals.

How long do I have to advance my organization's level and earn rewards?

The program runs for the full academic year. Therefore, you have all year to meet level goals and to earn and use rewards. However, level attainment and rewards do not roll-over to the following academic year. Therefore, it is important you take advantage of the rewards within the academic year.

What are the rewards & how do I receive them?
As officers earn credits for their organization, they can advance as a white, blue, then orange level organization. With each level comes more advanced goals and rewards, including a certificate achievement once a level has been attained. As officers earn credits for their organization, they can advance as a white, blue, then orange level organization. With each level comes more advanced goals and rewards, including a certificate achievement once a level has been attained. Once your organization has advanced a BOLD level, you will receive an email with details on the rewards up for grabs and how to coordinate receiving them. 

Meet the BOLD Team!

Mary Holland, Program Coordinator

“I’m scared of Santa Claus and every time I look in the mirror I give myself a thumbs up.”

Cate O’Connor, Graduate Assistant & Workshop Facilitator

“I’m terrified of ice skating. I have two scars due to altercations with two different bathrooms. I really love cats.”

Dana Wakeley, BOLD Program Intern

Advertising 17’

“ Last semester I studied abroad in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, where I ran my first 10K!”

Manu Nandakumar, Logistics/Planning
Aerospace Engineering 17’

“I am from Oman, a country not very often heard of and I'm also a certified Advanced Scuba diver.”     

Garett Roush, Peer Facilitator of Curriculum
Political Science 18’

“I worked in DC for a nonprofit as a regional director before deciding to finish my degree.”

Joanna Agwanda, At Large Projects
Television, Radio, & Film 18’

“I was born in Kisumu, Kenya.”

Kierston Whaley, Budgeting
Accounting 17’

“I was in the Army for 8 years, and deployed to Afghanistan for 16 months and will graduate SU with a BS in accounting 2 weeks before my 40th birthday.”

Sue Park, Marketing/Advertising
Marketing and Retail Management 19’

I used to live in the same condo complex as Marshawn Lynch, former Seahawks running back.”

Aziz Al-Sulaiti, Program Assistant

Policy Studies and Economics 19’

“I can drink espresso shots and still go to sleep after.”