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Syracuse University’s BOLD program is a voluntary program that empowers student organizations to take charge in their leadership growth and their organization’s success.

About BOLD

The program’s curriculum is based on participation in skill-based workshops meant to engage student organization officers in active discussion and reflection of four leadership themes:

  • The leader in you: explore your strengths & discover your leadership style

  • Your influence on others: learn foundational leadership theories & the basic about leadership

  • You and your organization: develop skills and techniques needed to promote your organization’s interactions & initiatives

  • Leading in your world: discover how to make a difference on your campus and in your community

Through completing goals within the curriculum, students will develop the skills needed to successfully run their organization and make positive changes on campus and in the community. Students will also be eligible earn certificates that will boost their resume and earn rewards that will contribute to their organization’s events, activities, and interactions.

Want to know more? Scroll down for the details on upcoming workshops, about our team, and frequently asked questions.

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Want to get involved? Attend a workshop! No advance sign-up is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the BOLD Learning outcomes?

  • Analyze their leadership strengths and areas of improvement

  • Examine the values that shape their leadership of their organization

  • Increase their contributions to their organizations’ programs and activities

  • Apply new strategies to increase communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution within their student organization

  • Critique their organization’s mission and goals

  • Create an environment that supports the diverse thoughts, opinions, and experiences of their members

  • Integrate SU policies, procedures, and resources into their organization’s activities

  • Evaluate how they can lead their organization to create positive change within the community

BOLD workshops:

Students participating in the program will participate BOLD workshops in the following four themes:

The leader in you: Explore your strengths and discover your leadership style

Your influence on others:  Learn foundational leadership theories and the basics about leadership

You and your organization: Develop the skills and techniques to promote your organization’s success

Leading in your world: Discover how to make a difference on your campus and in your community

Meet the BOLD Team!

Erik Carlsoin

Erik Carlson

I’m a senior majoring in biotechnology with a minor in marketing. I love everything SU and truly bleed orange. Syracuse has provided me with so much over the course of the past four years, and now I look forward to giving back in every way I can to the campus community!

Khalid Khan

Khalid Ayaz Khan 

I am currently a senior, graduating in May 2018, pursuing a bachelor of science degree in Economics. I am truly proud to be a part of the BOLD Program team as the Program Manager and contribute to Syracuse University by helping develop leadership skills in students and their organizations. Along with being a BOLD Program Intern, I am also involved on-campus with multiple different organizations, such as the Vice President of Thrive at SU, Treasurer of Economic Student Association, and Chair of Diversity Affairs. My goal is to share my experiences and knowledge to benefit future leaders here at Syracuse University, ensuring the next generation of leaders are better equipped to effectively lead in their own organizations, as well as beyond the borders of campus. My passions include traveling, photography, and exploring cuisines. During my free time, I prefer listening to informative podcasts, such as ‘Freakonomics Radio’, as well as watch documentaries. Currently, I have assigned myself the objective of training to run a marathon.

Sue Park

Sue Park

I am currently a Junior majoring in Retail Management and Marketing at Whitman School of Management. Born in South Korea and raised in Bellevue, Washington, I have a huge appreciation for avocados, sweet & salty popcorn, and white chocolate gummy bears. This is my second year with BOLD as the Marketing and Advertising Coordinator, and my excitement for the organization only grows each year! To me, BOLD is a valuable resource and opportunity for all clubs to take advantage of as well as a guiding tool for devoted individuals in the club to grow their own leadership skills.

Saori Ishida

Saori Ishida

I'm an international student from Lima,Peru. I am a senior, my major is Communications and Rhetoric Studies and I'm also a Nutrition minor. My role in BOLD Organisation is to be the Marketing Coordinator.

Chloe Kempken

Chloe Kempken

My name is Chloe and I am this year's BOLD's project coordinator. I am a senior and graduating early in December with a double major in Political Science and International Relations. I was raised in Berlin, Germany and spent my last semester interning in Washington DC for an international think tank. This made me develop my passion for organizing and executing events and projects. BOLD gives me the opportunity to not only broaden my project management skills but to together work with student organization leaders from our SU campus. After graduation I hope to move to the West Coast and continue my work in the project management field

Rewards and Yearly Participation:

As members earn credits for their organization, they can advance as a white, blue, then orange level organization. With each level comes more advanced goals and rewards, including a certificate achievement once a level has been attained. To redeem the awards, organizations must contact OSA with their specific request. Students have the full academic year to advance their organization’s BOLD level and earn rewards. The program restarts in the Fall and members can advance their organization again by helping to facilitate workshops as experienced leaders.


1 credit: Attending a BOLD workshop

1 credit: Completing the post-evaluation reflection via OrgSync

2 credits: Attend the Fall/Spring Kick-off workshop

Progress in the program is made as members earn their organization credits. As such, organizations’ OrgSync portals must reflect an up-to-date listing of members. In order to receive the attendance credit, students must complete the evaluation sheet handed out at the end of each workshop, to receive the post-evaluation credit, they must complete the evaluation sent to their email via OrgSync. To obtain the post-event reflection, you must circle “BOLD program” on the workshop evaluation sheet as your reason for attending. These post-event reflections offer students an opportunity to reflect on what they learned, their current leadership abilities, and how to take what they learned and use it to improve their organization. While any interested student organization members can participate, the number in attendance will not change the amount of credits earned.

The BOLD Level System

White Level Organization:

Goal: Organizations must earn 8 creditsRewards:
  • One shout-out on the OSA Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  • **Backstage Pass
  • Become recognized as a White Level Organization
  • Receive a certificate of achievement

Blue Level Organization: Goal: Organizations must earn 16 credits


      • $50 towards a promotional item for you organization or upcoming event.
      • 50 copies of an 11x17” for an upcoming event
      • Become recognized as a Blue Level Organization  
      • Receive a certificate of achievement


Orange Level Organization: Goal: Organizations must earn 24 credits


          • **Create your own adventure: Leadership edition
          • Recognition at 44 Stars Gala
          • Become recognized as an Orange Level Organization
          • Receive a certificate of achievement

**Backstage Pass: Take advantage of this opportunity for your organization’s president to connect with your OSA consultant over a free lunch (ten-dollar maximum) at the Shine Food Court!

**Create your own adventure- Leadership edition: Interested in learning a specific topic not currently offered as a BOLD workshop? OSA staff will create a workshop just for you!