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44 Stars

The 44 Stars of Excellence Awards acknowledge students, advisors, and recognized student organizations/Greek chapters who demonstrate outstanding dedication and commitment to their organization and its mission.  Students, faculty and staff are invited annually to submit nominations for the awards.

Below are the descriptions for each award and the nominees for each category for the 2020 Gala.

 Public Community Service Description

Public Community Service Individual

Public Community Service RSO

Public Community Service RSO 2

Outstanding Media Description

Outstanding Media

Best New Event or Initiative Description

Best New Event or Initiative Individual

Best New Event or Initiative RSO

Best New Event or Initiative RSO 2

Rising Leader Description

Rising Leader

Rising Leader 2

SU Spirit Description

SU Spirit

SU Spirit 2

Positive Advocacy Awareness Description

Positive Advocacy Awareness Individual

Positive Advocacy Awareness RSO

Diversity and Inclusion Description

Diversity and Inclusion Individual

Diversity and Inclusion RSO

Diversity and Inclusion RSO 2

La Fuerza Description

La Fuerza Community Enhancement

Unsung Hero Description

Unsung Hero

Vitamin C Description

Vitamin C Scholar Leadership

Greek Man Woman OTY Description

Greek Man Woman OTY

Excellence Org Prez Description

Excellence Org Prez Noms 1

Excellence Org Prez Noms 2

Excellence Org Prez Noms 3

Outstanding Senior Leader Description

Outstanding Senior Leader 1

Outstanding Senior Leader 2

Outstanding Senior Leader 3


To view our virtual Gala experience from 2020 on YouTube, click the link below:

44 Stars Virtual Gala 2020


Below are the winners from the 2020 Gala:

Gala Winners


Public and Community Service

National Pan-Hellenic Council
  Black Reign Step Team
Outstanding Media Production or Publication   CitrusTV
Best New Event/Initiative Stephanie Hausman Pride Union
Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated
Rising Leader Sam Jezak
  Amanda Paule
SU Spirit Award Allie Westbrook  
The Award for Positive Advocacy and Awareness Sameeha Saied Students for Body Acceptance
  Julia Evans Asano Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
The Award for Diversity and Inclusion Tatiana Hernandez-Mitchell Pride Union
  Black Reign Step Team
The La Fuerza Community Enhancement Award  Mirjahon Turdiev  
  Kristen Wong  
Unsung Hero Jordan Bunsis
Emberlin Lejo
Cleo Hamilton
The Vitamin C Scholar and Leadership Award Sofia Donolo
Marceli Rocha-Rocha
Greek Man of the Year Connor Dennewitz
Greek Woman of the Year Andrea Roque
The Award for Excellence by an Organization President Jennifer Nguyen
Brianna Yates  
Mackenzie Mertikas
Andrew Regalado
The Award for Outstanding Senior Leadership Lila Nazarian  
  Alyssa Cregan  
Ryan Houck