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We welcome you to the Office of Student Activities, your gateway to social activities, programs, and events that are geared to enhance your education and fulfill your inner need to be active in the community. We accommodate over 300 student organizations that encompass themes such as advocacy, governance, media, culture, religious, service, art & entertainment, and more.

Student Box Office My Tickets Portal

My Tickets Portal

The Student Box Office My Tickets Portal has launched, replacing the physical location. All campus event tickets, less Athletic and Regal Cinema tickets, will now be available within this convenient digital platform.

Winter Scene

Save the Date - Winter Carnival!

Coming next semester - Winter Carnival 2020! Save the date - February 25th through 29th!

The Orange After Dark Event Board at Orange Palooza in August 2019

Orange After Dark

We hope you enjoyed one or more OAD event this fall! Our Spring 2020 schedules (both featured events and Late Night Movies) will be available in January. We'll still be hosting events every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and we can't wait to share the lineups with you!



Looking for deadlines and information on how to get money for your student organization? You can find the answers here!

OSA Updates

Digital Kiosk Form

Digital Kiosk in Schine

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