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Office of Student Activities Updates

Welcome to the Office of Student Activities!

Home to the Dome

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Office of Student Activities, your gateway to social activities, programs, and events that are geared to enhance your education and fulfill your inner need to be active in the community. We accommodate over 300 student organizations that encompass themes such as advocacy, governance, media, culture, religious, service, art & entertainment, and more.  We produce Traditional events such as the Pulse Performing Arts Series, Orange After Dark, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Senior Celebration.

Our office includes staff experienced and ready to get you involved and nurture your talents that make you who you are, and direct you to where you want to go. We provide consultation, resources, and a safe environment for open and inclusive conversation. Most importantly, it is our responsibility to take learning beyond the classroom and encourage growth with activism, advocacy, leadership, team-building, and community awareness.

The Office of Student Activities also coordinates the Student Leadership Institute that was created to cultivate and support those students interested in motivating and leading others while at Syracuse University and beyond. The program will comprise of an annual retreat, programming, community service, one-on-one mentoring, and the opportunity to enhance academic accomplishments.

To find out more about the Office of Stud
ent Activities, call us at (315) 443-2718, visit with us in Suite 126 of the Schine Student Center, or e-mail us at stactivities@syr.edu.
Best regards,

The Office of Student Activities Staff

Co-curricular Grant for Student Generated Initiatives

The co-curricular fee fund was developed with the Division of Student Affairs to provide financial resources for student-generated initiatives that promote and enhance the out-of-classroom experience for Undergraduate Students.  For Division of Student Affairs departmental funding opportunities please refer to the Co-curricular Fee Funding Application for Department Initiatives.  To ensure that the co-curricular fee distribution is effective and inclusive, an Advisory Committee of staff and students will review funding requests for all student-generated initiatives submitted.  The committee will evaluate applications and make recommendations to the Senior Vice-President and Dean of Student Affairs.

**NEW** The 2015-2016 application will only be accepted through online submission.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Apply for 2015-2016 co-curricular grant for student generated initiatives

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